Saturday, January 30, 2010

i love blogs

Once in a while (or more often than I should), I treat myself to pure internet surfing and more specifically, blog browsing. It's true, I am a flaneur of the blog world. I can spend hours and hours clicking through pages and links and saving image after image of visual and creative deliciousness. People are brilliant.
It's fascinating how intricately blogs are connected, and what you can find out there and how you can get so lost. I love it!

I've noticed how long my "Inspiration and Amazingness" list has gotten and I know I'm going to keep adding to it. But! Here are a few things that I've been basking in and really, really enjoy. I hope you will find something you like from this small collection.

{How About Orange} filled with DIY crafts, designs, and my favourite, time-wasters
{IS.LY} art, craft, and design...everything I love all in one PLUS freebies!
{Oh Joy!} everything is just so nice to look at here
{Twig&Thistle} stationary and other well-designed stuff
{Style Me Pretty} wedding blog...nothing else to say
{La Tartine Gourmande} I get hungry when I go here...I love food
{Breadline Design Naming Machine} quirky and fun and who knows, maybe I'll end up using it one day

Hope you have as much time to waste as I do!


Leah (Is It Really Sew Strange?) said...

Those blogs where awesome Arlene. Check out


Stephanie said...

I just wanted to say that I like this post :)