Monday, August 6, 2007

what to do?

This was something I started spontaneously a few days ago. I was looking at old photographs of my sister and I and came across many photos of us singing and dancing. I really love the lines in the images and I wanted to get that movement and action down. I don't know where this is going but I want to keep working on it. I don't think I'll do too much to it; I like the sketchiness and the dead space. Maybe I'll work on giving the piece an overall sense of movement as I don't think I've done such a good job.


Mike Sekowski said...

This is adorable, pig tails and all. I think the gestural strokes add to the sense of movement that you're going for. You can instantly see the twist of the hips in the dance!

Renée said...

I am glad you have found inspiration in something so innocent and personal. It is nice to see creativity come out of such a joyous source rather than from suffering.